Laptop repair Yelahanka New Town 


We collaborate with globals leading laptop and notebook battery manufacturers to bring you only the best laptop batteries. Only the best battery cells and laptop battery components are used.

All of our PC laptop batteries have undergone extensive testing to achieve C, CE, or UL certification. As a result, our laptop battery offers a 60-day warranty on all of our laptop batteries.

1. You can work, watch, and play for longer with our greatest capacity computer laptop battery which have up to 68 percent more capacity than your original factory battery.

2. This laptop battery fulfils its promise.

3. You will get the greatest laptop battery at the most affordable price.

Keyboard Replacement

If your keyboard keys are not responding, it may be due to mechanical problems or dust. We Clean Tech Computers can fix your keyboard by the following ways :

  • Cleaning the dust using a cleaning product or alcohol .
  • Adding depth to your keys after removing them from the keyboard
  • You can also use an external USB keyboard or an internal screen keyboard.

If you have a warranty, you can get a replacement with little effort if not buy a replacement from our stores at Yelahanka Bangalore.

Laptop Screen Replacement

More and more people are using their laptops to do work and studies, but our laptops are fragile. The first thing that usually happens to it is the screen cracking. We might be able to find a replacement screen for it, but the other parts of a laptop can suffer too, and finding replacements for those parts might be much harder.

Laptop screens break. This is a fact. Whether it breaks after you drop your laptop or after the screen cracks due to excessive use, the end result is the same. you need to replace the screen. We Clean Tech Computer is here to help you out in your laptop screen replacement.

Over Heating


Heating is a normal process when working with a computer but if there is excessive heating there is something wrong. Sometimes heating can be a simple problem like dust in fans or blocking of air vents which can simply be fixed by cleaning or changing the place.

But Sometimes it is a technical problem inside the case such as overuse of battery, low-quality battery, thermal decay, in this case, we need to replace the battery and fix internal issues.


RAM Upgradation

Upgrading the RAM is the best you can do for your laptop performance. It is a simple and huge game-changer. We Clean Tech Computers make sure that you get the best in class RAM in your system.

Your laptop storage drive which has your documents and files will be safe during the upgradation process. If any risk of possible file lost situation comes we will inform you to take all files backup.

Motherboard Repair or Chip Level Services

Chip Level is not a term that describes an electronic chip, but it is a term that describes a personality that is at a basic level of the repair field. They are not expected to be repaired by replacing the whole thing.

But fix it by working on the tiny things inside and getting it to work properly. A chip level person understands the hardware, can assemble and disassemble hardware parts, and knows the motherboard well.

They are needed for your laptops to fix the small parts instead of the whole laptop. It saves a lot of your time and money. Clean Tech computer is the best laptop repair laptop Yelahanka Bangalore to repair your laptop from the chip level.

We do chip level troubleshooting using oscilloscope, LCR Meter, IRDA, and SMD machines helps consumers get their laptops repaired faster. Installation and delivery are included in the cost of our computed repair service.

Power Button

Power Button is used to start the window or shut down forcefully by holding it for some seconds until it is off. It is often on the left top corner above the keyboard. Power button’s function can be changed in the control panel, can be changed to lock, sleep, hibernate or even do nothing if you have a problem of touching it often accidentally.

Patiently holding the power button can help if your power button is not working or restarting by removing and inserting back the battery. You may also want to check the power supply if your power button is not responding.


Upgrade the hard drive in your laptop at the best price. HDD replacement for Seagate, WD, and Samsung in desktops, MacBooks, and laptops.

It’s time to replace or repair your laptop’s hard disc if it’s not being recognised or taking a lengthy time to boot.

We increased the internal storage capacity of the laptop (to 500GB). We support all major brands, including Apple MacBook, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, and Sony VAIO, and expand laptop internal storage capacity (500GB, 1TB, 2TB) using 100% original laptop solid state drives.

Adapter or Charger

A charger and an adapter are two devices that are extremely important to anyone who uses electronics. The fact that they are both important and yet extremely different means that it’s easy to get them confused. There are a variety of adapters and chargers with different brands available in the world.

Some of them are very safe to use, while some are extremely dangerous for our devices and gadgets. Clean Tech Computer always sell original charger. You should consider different angles while purchasing a charger or an adapter.


If you want to make your touchpad more efficient, here are a few tips to make it better for you:

1. Move your mouse When using your laptop –
You will be able to work more efficiently if you don’t use the touchpad. Even though your touchpad is more convenient, it’s slower than using your mouse.

2. Aim with one finger Instead of two –
Try to aim with only one finger. You can move your cursor easily with very less effort.

3. Change your settings –
Go to your Control Panel and choose Mouse.

Clean Tech computer is very much professional at fixing your laptop touchpad issues.

Malware Removal

The best and effective way of protecting your laptop from malware or any virus is by updating your system and browser regularly. You should consider what you are downloading and sharing.
File sharing and WiFi networks are major reasons for virus spreading. But if there is malware in your laptop already, what you have to do is factory reset.

If it doesn’t work use malware removal software that is different from the one you have because the one you have didn’t detect and remove it. The best effective malware removal softwares are Malwarebytes, Avast, AVG, Max Secure, Quick Heal, Kaspersky, McAfee.